PH2300Mk2-T - Motor Protection

Our PLC based motor protection system dramatically increased the life span of DC Motors for our customers.

Our client experienced a staggering 3000 hour average between motor change outs due to various faults on the motion motors of which the crowd motor suffered the most.

Ewbank Electrical and Control designed the feedback system around the following analog values and developed a sound protection philosophy for the motors.

  • Armature Over Current
  • Armature Over Voltage
  • Motor Temperature
  • Field Under Current
  • Field Over Current
  • Hoist Differential
  • Swing Differential
  • Flash Detection

The OEM specified a 13 500 hour life span but our protection system and philosophy yielded results of 40 000 hours which incurred massive cost saving for our customers.

An additional spin off is the ability to monitor several analog values on the HMI mounted in the Operator Coop Console and HMI located in the PLC Control Room.


PLC Upgrade

Front Hoist Motor

Rear Swing Motor


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